Custom Software to Fit Your Business

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Custom Software to Fit Your Business

Custom Software Development - MAKS-IT is an Experts Team in IT and Marketing, that deals with Custom Software Design and Implementation.

Enhance Business Flows with Custom Software

Custom Software Development Stages

Thanks to Custom Software Development, we can satisfy the most critical business needs by automating and optimizing processes and working methods.

MAKS-IT analysts collect all requirements and then transform them into a Custom Project designed to enhance and make your business even more efficient.

Building Custom Software is, therefore, the perfect way to minimize the time devoted to the control of daily work processes.

The core business of MAKS-IT provides reliable technological solutions for any customer need.

Usually, the Standard Software does not exactly satisfy all that your Company needs 100%.

With a Custom Software you will have a tool that reflects your business flows with the specific features you need and custom masks with all the fields useful to your company.

MAKS-IT consultants are experts in Custom Enterpise Resopurce Planning Software Development for each type of merchandise sector, such as for commercial agents, clothing stores, showrooms.

Custom Software Development has other applications which concerns the specific manufacturing companies industrial automation.

Our know-how allows us to perform ad hoc projects development for any other sector type.

Only Custom Software Development can reflect better the flexibility required by your business.

Being the Personalized Program based on the needs of your company, it will simplify your life in the aspects/processes that make unique your business.

Custom Software Development Stages

All Custom Software developments followed by the MAKS-IT developers are characterized by the strategy applied to each Enterprise Software project type.

This differentiates MAKS-IT from other software houses present in Italy.

All Software Development Stages are autonomously performed by MAKS-IT specialists, with internal resources, in this way we are able to guarantee the maximum final product quality and control by giving the possibility to engineer and integrate multiple functions.

To create a Custom Program, it's necessary to follow certain software development stages.

MAKS-IT Software Developers perform an in-depth analysis of customer's Business Flows and its needs to find the most suitable solution.

During the initial Business and Production Processes analysis phase, all aspects actually necessary for the customer's business are brought to light.

This allows us to understand exactly all its needs and problems to be solved and to understand all reasons that push the customer to want a Custom Software.

Then follow:

  1. Feasibility study;
  2. Development Costs analysis;
  3. Development Time definition.

The hypothesized solution is shared with the customer and reviewed until is obtained the exact list of functionalities and methods actually necessary.

After Customer's approval, startss the Business Software creation part, which could be a Desktop Software, an App, a Front End Web or a Cloud, with the utmost care and an eye on performance.

We design Business Software that simplifies the activity and makes simple what was cumbersome and tiring until yesterday.

It is important for us to give access to the customer during the Custom Software Development phase and we encourage to participate actively, so that he can see it grow day by day.

We give weekly feedback on what is done, integrating advices and comments into the current project.

At the Software Development end, we proceed with a pilot and then release the final software version in production.

During the first year we remain at the customer's side, to give him all the necessary support, then for the following years, he will decide whether to continue the collaboration.

Custom Software Solutions

The Custom Software Development in our solutions has a cutting-edge technological background in step with times.

Custom Front End programming is entirely carried out in JavaScript with the React JS Framework help, and Responsive Interface which allows you to use Custom App on Mobile Devices.

Server-side Back-end programming is entirely done with C# .Net Core.

Business Software data is stored in the Postgresql database.

Your Custom Software is installed and configured on our reliable CentOS Enterprise Grade servers.

Here is the list of what our Custom Software developers are able to do for your company:

  • Middleware development to interact with multiple Enterprise Resource Planning ERP and Business Intelligence Systems.
  • Integration procedures implementation between different IT systems.
  • Advanced Technological Systems design support.
  • Hardware and Software interaction projects.
  • Graphic interfaces and masks development for tools originally developed for the command line.
  • Various solutions with Optical Character Recognition OCR capability.

Data Flow Management and Software Interaction

Among the most interesting things, you can achieve through Custom Software Development is the data flows management and interaction with these software:

  • AS400;
  • SAP ERP;
  • Oracle;
  • System Center Configuration Manager;
  • SqlServer;
  • Postgresql;
  • MySql;
  • Active Directory;
  • LDAP;
  • Webservices.

Reverse Engineering for Obsolete Software Replacement

If you have an Outdated Software in your company that now has become Functionally Obsolete or also obsolete for modern operating systems, you can replace it.

By taking advantage of Reverse Engineering, old programs can be adapted or even totally rewritten with new Custom Software which better meets needs of your company.

The implementation of Modern Technologies will allow flows better management and also improve the company data security management.

Custom Business Software Examples: Portfolio

Thanks to the knowledge of the most modern programming languages together with our experience in Enterprise Resources Palnning Systems, we are able to offer the best Custom Software for your company.

You will be able to obtain integration with your current ERP Enterprise Resource Planning System or even obtain brand-new Custom ERP.

If you still have doubts about the opportunities that an ad hoc solution can offer, here are some Custom Software examples we built.

Custom Software - Mail Management - DDispatcher

DDispatcher is a Custom Software for Business Mail Management.

Custom Software ownership to manage company mail is essential for Structured Companies but also for start-ups.

This Corporate E-mail Management Program allows you to analyze the contents of email attachments and sort them according to keywords.

The Dedicated E-mail Inbox is connected to our Custom Mail Management Software (eg Customer Invoices or Supplies).

Custom Tool reads new incoming E-mails and Extracts Every Attachment.

In most cases, attachments come from certified mail and frequently are also scanned documents, therefore the decoding algorithm and then OCR optical recognition is used first.

The E-mail Management Program can be Integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System which customer could already have, to retrieve the master data and other informations on which is possible to set Attachments Sorting filters.

We can also perform Custom Software Development for your company which will coordinate the Mail Flows, allowing Perfect Corporate E-Mail Management through automation.

Custom Program - Price Management - PriceBuilder SaaS

PriceBuilder SaaS is a Custom Value Based Price Calculation Software.

The purpose of this project is to provide the Custom Software capable to generate the indicative price for each manufactured and sold product type.

We used Internal Costs to produce prices based on the production plants and lines quantity.

These and other factors can impact the resulting price which can differ between 20% and 30%.

Custom Business Software that we have created has the price calculating objective without considering production costs, but instead considering the product itself, the market and also the relative customer.

It is necessary to have Price Evaluating Method excluding the correlation with Production Costs.

It helps to speed up the New Products Quotation Process.

The tool is essential during the Negotiation Process, underlining the reasons for the Value Based Price Increase perceived by your customer and considering "best alternative".

By using our Custom Software - PriceBuilder SaaS you can quickly adapt the pricing strategy and commercial policies according to the Company Guidelines and the marketing context.

Our Custom Software has already found application in one of the major International Enterprise, and we are ready to meet your needs, configure and improve the product exclusively according to the needs of your company.

Custom Logistics Management Software - TransportJournal

TransportJournal is a Custom Logistics Management Software designed to perform Freight Cost Synchronization.

We have created this Software for customers who work in close contact with transport companies and have a rigid Transport Management Software that imposes limitations in correcting transport costs.

The reason that prompted our customer to adapt this product was the impossibility of its Management Software to correctly calculate the kilometers and the transport price for its orders.

Before adapting our Custom Transport Logistic Software, the accountants were forced to make payments on incorrect amounts.

In this case it was necessary to perform the correction of all tax documents both by the customer and the carrier to adjust the payment amount.

The flow was therefore far from simple, fast, immediate and transparent.

Among the features of our Custom Transport Software, there is the possibility to Share Travels and respective costs in the month, before making the payment to the carrier.

By connecting to the company's Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System the tool extracts all the shipping data:

  • Departure;
  • Destination;
  • Distance;
  • Net price.
  • License plate number.

The Custom Software generates excel files for each transport agent and subsequently sends it to their E-Mail, in order to allow the necessary checks and adjust the missing, extra or incorrect shipments.

The use of our solution has made possible to simplify the flow, avoiding the non correnct invoices issue, which had to be corrected through Credit Notes.

Custom Document Management Software - MOCA Declaration

MOCA Delcaration is a Custom Document Management Software that allows you to connect to the Customer/Product master data situated into specific database.

In other case this tool can acquire data directly from the Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System and produce the MOCA Declaration forms, completely filled in and signed by the delegated manager on letterhead with the subsequent PDF files generation.

Optionally, it's possible to set automatic MOCA Declaration E-mail delivery to your customers.

We have successfully implemented this Custom Document Management Software for one of the biggedst Multinational Enterprises, to simplify Quality Control staff and Customer Service's work according to the current italian legislation:

The obligation of the MOCA declaration was foreseen by the Ministerial Decree No. 6 of March 21, 1973, "Hygienic discipline of packaging, containers, tools, intended to come into contact with food substances or substances for personal use".

The most recent Regulation 1935/2004/EC (Framework Regulation on MOCA) provides that materials and objects intended for contact with food, must be accompanied by a written declaration certifying their compliance with current regulations.

Custom Software - SAP ERP Software - SapMiddleware

SapMiddleware is a Custom Software based on SAP .Net Connector 3.0.

This software allows you to synchronize our applications by making them an integral part in your ecosystem or just can be configured separately to run independently and feed your database.

The database can be:

  • MSSQL Server;
  • Postgresql;
  • MySQL;
  • or other...

With data from the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System for subsequent sharing with other Company Applications.

Our Custom Software have multiple ways to interact with SAP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System through:

  • Remote Function;
  • Tables;
  • Query SQ01;
  • SQVI Query;
  • Idoc.

Together with the customer we examine all the necessary information to be imported/exported to/from the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System and define whether the data must be transferred one-off, or according to a specific schedule.

We have already successfully implemented this Custom Software among our customers who owned the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System, improving and optimizing flows in a personalized way for specific companies.

Custom Software - SAP ERP Software - SapGiuAutomation

SapGiuAutomation is a Custom Program that allows you to perform automation via SAPGui interface of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System.

All automation scenarios are studied in close contact with the customer.

Our customer had the necessity to perform periodically massive updates in SAP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System.

These updates affected the standard costs and the insertion of spare parts during the implementation of the SAP PM module, but for company policies it was long and almost impossible to use LSMW transaction.

To solve these problems we, have developed a Custom Software designed to allow the Massive Upload by Controlling Department employees itself through the suitably structured and compiled Excel sheet layout.

Our Custom Software, in this case has met 3 main objectives for our customer:

  • Create Simple and Flexible Interface using commonly used tools, such as Excel in this case.
  • Let the auditors check the correct user who performed the Massive Upload into the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP System tables.
  • Remove the need to use the LSMW transaction, making business more responsive, without being forced to open tickets to the multinational's central IT team for each massive upload to be performed.

Custom Software - Central Administration - PSScript Schedule Platform

PSScript Schedule Platform is a Custom Software that represents Windows Service or Linux Demon together with a set of Scheduled PowerShell Scripts to be launched at certain times.

Our customer's IT service requested to implement and launch a complex PowerShell scenario to install Windows Updates at certain times for specific computer collections via the SCCM System Center Configuration Manager server.

In addition, we have written PowerShell scenarios and MSSQL Queries for data extraction from SCCM System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Tems relating to users/computers to feed the customer's Business Intelligence system QLIK.

The solution is flexible and allows the expansion of its functionality also by the customer's IT staff.

Custom Software - Central Administration - Custom MMC Snap-in

Custom MMC Snap-in is a Custom Software that we have created based on the customer's IT service requests.

All the logics have been built according to the Customer's infrastructure policies and rules.

This Custom Software was studied to allow Users, Distribution Lists, Assign Software to be installed management in a single and simple interface, powered by Sqlite cache to solve network latency problems in different countries.

Although we are able to develop this Custom Software using MMC Snap-in, we recommend our customers to opt instead for a solution based on Front End Javascript and Back End .Net Framework C#.

We can also create multiple Active Directory and SCCM System Center Configuration Manager administration masks, etc...


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