Discover Software as a Service

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Discover Software as a Service

Find out what Software as a Service is, why use a SaaS Model, how it was born and what advantages it can bring to your company.

If you are wondering what is meant by the term "Software as a Service, why use a SaaS Model" surely reading this article you will find the answers to your doubts.

Knowing what it is and what are the advantages of the SaaS model may prove to be precious, because there are truly many potentials that this product is able to offer.

Let's see how SaaS is born, what is Software as a Service and why you should think about using it for your company.

How Saas was born: Software as a Service

To find out how SaaS - Software as a Service was born, which translated means Software as a Service, it is necessary to go back to 2000.

Even if the idea of ​​centralizing the hosting of business applications was already in use in the 1960s, it will be necessary to wait until the 1990s to find its evolution in the ASP (Application Service Provider), through apps managed and hosted by a supplier of ASPs.

Very often, however, it was necessary to install software on users' computers.

With a further evolution has come to SaaS, a software that is instead instantly distributed over the internet through the cloud by suppliers who manage their software without the need to proceed with any installation.

The first concept of SaaS - Software as a Service is in fact found in the essay written by Tim O'Reilly and published in The Open Source Paradigm Shift.

We also find the first references to SaaS in brands such as Remote Business and WebEx Communications.

The eBusiness Division of the Software & Information's Industry also dedicates an article to SaaS, entitled "Strategic Backgrounder: Software as a Service".

If initially SaaS was designed to solve a single business need and proved to be inflexible, today it is instead proposed with a very useful cloud suite capable of including and linking all aspects related to company management.

What is Software as a Service

The Software as a Service is a set of means, services and skills that, through the Application Programming Interface (API) accessible via the internet, allows you to have numerous applications, such as:

  • human resources management
  • customer relationship management
  • video conferencing
  • email
  • calendars
  • accounting programs
  • productivity tools
  • unified communications
  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Companies that choose to rely on Software as a Service will not have to face the cost of owning the tool, but will instead pay only for the use they will make of it.

In other words, the software will be provided as a service via the web and the various apps are run directly online, without the need to install them on your computer.

Through a web browser, each user will be able to access the software from anywhere, using their credentials, and start working on their projects from any point and device connected to the internet.

In this way they will not have to support a real investment but will have a cost linked only to the aspects of their information system that they will decide to outsource.

But not only. Any user who chooses to use SaaS will be able to say goodbye to the costs related to updates and malfunction problems.

It will be the SaaS vendor who will think of everything and provide a cloud in which the data will always be safe.

The cloud computing offering contained in the Software as a Service formula offers each user access to a vendor's cloud-based software.

The apps will not have to be installed on your local device, but will be made available through access to the remote cloud network, which takes place through an API or through the web.

Once access to the applications, each user will be able to analyze and archive data, as well as collaborate on various projects.

With SaaS cloud-based software, any company can be immediately operational with an app with very minimal costs.

Advantages of the SaaS model

The great popularity that Software as a Service is having is due to the enormous advantages of the SaaS Model that it offers to users and companies.

The advantages of the SaaS model can be summarized in:

  • immediate operation with minimal investment.
  • maximum data security.
  • access from any device.
  • simplified integration for new employees.
  • software on demand.
  • no expense for purchasing software, licenses and hardware.
  • SaaS model: Advantages of immediate operation with minimal investment.

Choosing the SaaS model means opting for the advantages linked to immediate operation with minimal investment.

SaaS model: Advantages of immediate operation with minimal investment

Choosing the SaaS model means opting for the advantages linked to immediate operation with minimal investment.

Users and companies that choose the SaaS model can in fact have access to a large number of functions without the need to install different apps and manage the various licenses.

Without having to purchase, install or manage software, hardware or middleware they will have immediate access to sophisticated applications such as CRM and ERP.

The fact of no longer having to have additional hardware and middleware allows companies to have lower initial costs and immediate operations.

With the SaaS model it will be possible to turn on the computer and immediately start using all the various apps, complete with updates and the latest news.

All management costs, licenses, patching and software updates will be borne by the SaaS provider, without any risk related to unpredictable management costs.

Users and companies will always pay only the apps they use, based on agreements established with the SaaS Provider.

This becomes fundamental especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, which often found themselves forced to face prohibitive costs for software, licenses and updates.

Maximum data security with the SaaS model

Data security with the SaaS model will also be guaranteed by the supervisors who manage the software, without the company or the user having to face extra costs.

The high security standards offered by the SaaS cloud architecture takes place by storing all data remotely on a cloud server.

This allows to minimize the risk of data loss due to local software or hardware problems, thus offering the highest standards of security to even the smallest companies.

Even small businesses, which often find themselves having to deal with investments that are difficult to deal with, will instead be able to count on Maximum Data Security with the SaaS Model.

Software as a Service: the Advantage of access from any device

With Software as a Service, the advantage of accessing any device is a reality.

Each user can access their account wherever they are, both in the office and at home.

The software is in fact no longer tied to a single workstation but accessible from any device, through its access data.

Undoubtedly the Software as a Service has also contributed significantly to the simplification of the home office concept.

SaaS Benefits: Simplified Integration for New Collaborators

When we talk about SaaS Benefits, Simplified Integration for New Collaborators is certainly another aspect of considerable importance.

If there is a need to insert a new employee, the latter can become operational immediately without the need to issue new licenses or install software.

Generally it is sufficient to make a new registration on the online tool and the new collaborator can immediately start working on the projects, share his work with all the team members, without unnecessary waste of time.

SaaS model: Software on Demand

Among the advantages of the SaaS model - Software on Demand - there is also that of offering subscription options capable of changing as the company needs change.

There are in fact many SaaS providers that provide maximum flexibility for the modification of existing subscriptions, thus allowing individuals and companies to have a product always in line with their needs.

With the on demand scalability offered by the SaaS Model, it is always possible to have an optimal service able to satisfy growing data and transactional requests.

SaaS Model: No Spending on Software, Licenses and Hardware Purchases

As a last but not least advantage, we would like to underline the fact that with the SaaS Model there is no need for software, licenses and hardware purchases.

The various components, the electronic boards, the programs and the Licenses can sometimes reach truly prohibitive costs, especially when we speak of small and medium-sized enterprises for which they represent a not inconsiderable cost item in the financial statements.

Relying on the SaaS Model it will instead be possible to take advantage of all those programs and apps that are necessary for the management of your company by paying only the rental without having to buy the product.

Undoubtedly this makes the SaaS Model an instrument capable of offering significant financial savings, which however does not affect the operation of the company which will in any case have all the tools necessary for its needs.


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