Why Choose Software as a Service?

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Why Choose Software as a Service?

Do you really know all the SaaS benefits? If you are wondering Why Choose Software as a Service here you will find 5 Good Reasons to use Cloud On Demand app

SaaS advantages: why choose Software as a Service

What are the SaaS Benefits? Why choose Software as a Service?

The reasons why more and more users and companies choose to use this SaaS on demand system are really many.

Let's see together what are the main reasons for entering into a contract with the SaaS provider and why choosing Software as a Service could be the perfect solution for your business needs.

SaaS model: Pay only for what is used

When we talk about the SaaS model, paying only for what is used is undoubtedly one of the first benefits that come to mind.

In fact, with a SaaS model it is not necessary to make large initial investments to ensure the possibility of working on software with different functionalities.

It will be sufficient to make a contract with a SaaS provider to have all the tools we need available.

Let's think for a moment about the needs of a small or medium-sized company, which would probably find it difficult to face the initial costs of installing and managing the licenses of the various apps that become necessary for its business.

E-mail, agenda, calendar, spreadsheets and personnel management would in fact require a large variety of programs and apps, which then should also be periodically subjected to various updates.

With the SaaS Model, on the other hand, that same company will have everything it needs available and will only and exclusively pay for the apps it actually uses.

It will not have to estimate high initial costs for the purchase of Software, Licenses and Hardware, as these will be provided directly by the SaaS provider.

We all know that software and hardware can very often reach prohibitive prices, to which we must then add the costs for continuous updates.

With the SaaS model, each company can instead have the same software and hardware available without having to buy them, but paying only and exclusively for their rental.

Nor will he have to worry about the necessary updates.

The costs relating to the licenses for the use of the Software, for updates and for any other action (including Security) that may become necessary are borne by the SaaS Provider.

The company will thus have a series of apps for services, necessary for its management with a very practical "turnkey" solution.

With the SaaS Model, you will only have to choose the ones you actually need for your business and will pay only and exclusively those that you use for the management of your company.

Software as a Service: the Advantage of Working Remotely

With Software as a Service, the advantage of working remotely is finally a splendid reality.

In fact, Software as a Service does not provide for any installation of Hardware or Software on your computer, which means that to carry out your projects you will no longer be obliged to work on that one PC, but you can also work on it when you are out of the office , by accessing with the smartphone or with another device connected to the internet.

Traveling for work, by train or at home, it will be possible to access the apps made available by the SaaS provider exactly as you would have done in the office, by entering your login credentials.

The ability to work remotely, without having constraints related to the place where the user is or the device he has at that moment, is a huge advantage for all those who perhaps need to access the apps also in the new formulas offered by the Home Office.

With the SaaS model the level of security is very high

If you are wondering how safe your data would be, you can sleep more than peace.

With the SaaS model, the level of security is very high for every type of company.

Very often, in fact, small and medium-sized enterprises tend to put data security into the background, also penalized by the incidence of security-related costs on their balance sheet.

A problem with the local hardware or software could therefore cause really important and damaging losses for the company.

With the SaaS model, data is instead stored remotely on a cloud server.

In this way, even small companies can benefit from the same safety standards as large companies, with reduced costs.

Software as a Service: Collaborator Integration is Simple and Fast

I should insert new figures in the realization of a project, but how much would it cost me?

This doubt will no longer allow you to put a brake on the expansion of your corporate team.

Using the Software as a Service, Collaborator Integration is Simple and Fast.

In fact, it will not be necessary to program a new installation of apps on new PCs, nor to widen the audience for the licenses in use.

Simply register again in the online tool and the new Collaborator, equipped with the appropriate access credentials, will be immediately operational.

SaaS: the model that grows with the company

Why choose SaaS, the model that grows with the company? Because with its flexibility it will always be able to adapt to business needs.

Each company has its own growth as its primary objective.

This means that an app that today appears adequate for the size of the company could instead prove to be insufficient for the management of all work and business-related practices tomorrow.

Also in this case, relying on the SaaS model offers the advantage of having a flexible tool available, capable of offering a use that is usually organized by number of workstations with access and by month.

This assumes that the possible addition of workstations and extension of the app is necessary only in parallel with the growth of the company.

Conclusions: Comparison between SaaS and Internal Software

Now that we have listed what the main SaaS advantages are, we would like to dwell for a moment on the comparison between the latter and the Internal Software.

If before the advent of the cloud every company (small, medium or large) had to estimate an initial cost for the purchase of the software and the management of licenses, today thanks to SaaS all this is no longer necessary.

Thanks to Software as a Service, each company will have the software and hardware available to carry out its work without having to take on the burden of their purchase.

The rental cost includes access to the various hardware and software, which therefore must not be purchased by the company, as well as the management of licenses.

The SaaS provider will assume all costs relating to configuration and maintenance, reducing risks for companies and making more resources available for internal IT departments, to be allocated to innovation and new technologies.

With a fee linked to the on-demand use of the various apps, SMEs are no longer penalized compared to large companies as in the past, when instead the initial costs necessary to obtain internal software packages were often too high to bear.

Both SMEs and large companies will always be able to count on a flexible system that can be adapted to the various needs that could occur over time, without having to replace the software present in the company.


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