Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • hailstrike
  • 20-07-2020 00:00
Disaster Recovery Solutions

When your website or application project with someone else gone wrong, keep calm! We are who able to restore the thing for you. It's about going forward and not only about covering holes, we will transform it in bullet proof environment and more trusted client/agency relationships.

Sometimes It Happens!

We are not going to point finger against someone. Sometime happen to make wrong decisions to choose software developer or designer. We are solution oriented team and as a first step we will apply all our efforts to understand a problem and elaborate smart solution.

What is possible to do?

In some circumstances it's possible to reuse the code of previous developer. But sometimes not! We will investigate to understand the current state of art, by checking specs and progresses, to determine the assets amount to be saved and continue with. We put all efforts to save our clients from loosing time or money!


Once we have a situation clear, we will lock out your previous developer immediately and start to fix the situation, by preparing to build on top what has been done.


In case we can't fix what happened before, we can always rebuild your project from the beginning according to your original specifications to save your time, money and avoiding frustrations moving towards future.


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