E-Commerce Solutions

  • hailstrike
  • 20-07-2020 00:00
E-Commerce Solutions

When you sell one product or even one thousand, accepting donations or acquiring subscriptions, we've got you covered. We propose ad hoc scaled e-commerce solutions which will fit your business in the best possible way.

Planning And Considerations

During the e-commerce project planning, we follow you carefully and ask you a number of questions to perfectly understand your needs. Like: What kind of product you sell. Quantity of products. Preferred payment methods you are interested in.

Platform Options

Considering your answers we will collect and prototype only specific modules you need to make e-commerce platform lightweight and easy to use!

Getting Paid

The goal of selling is to get paid! We work with almost all payment methods like Amazon, PayPal and others. These popular platforms will be natively integrated in your resulting e-commerce solution, making payments a flash!


The really important thing when dealing with e-commerce is security. Our solutions are shipped with SSL certificates by default and have strong authentication mechanism. It's eventually possible to work to pass the most stringent security audits and maintain PCI compliance in addition to other standards, depending on requirements.


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