Mobile Website Solutions

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  • 20-07-2020 00:00
Mobile Website Solutions

Mobile devices account for more and more website traffic each year. With a variety of tricks up our sleeves, our team can develop mobile website solutions and applications for iOS or Android or create responsive, mobile-enabled website experiences to help you target that audience specifically.

Responsive Design

Every year mobile traffic becomes more and more important. With a wide variety of tricks, we can develop mobile website and application solutions for Android and iOS. Responsive and mobile-end experience allows you to target that specific audience.

Mobile Web Templates

If your site already looks great on Desktop, we can assist you with a mobile-specific design for smartphone and tablet browsers. This includes integration with your content management system, the building of mobile-specific templates, and deployment, including device detection and redirection.

Native Applications

In case you have an already great looking website or web application, we are ready to assist you with mobile design for mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets. This means integrations with your enterprise resource planing or content management system, mobile templates building, deployment with device detection and redirect.

Excellent Support

Being MAKS-IT client stands to have and adaptive and responsive partner, which will always respond to each your need. You can be sure that our team will contact you in few minutes. And for who need 24/7/365 support, we are always here to keep your ship sail smoothly.


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