Web Design & Software Solutions For Enterprise

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  • 20-07-2020 00:00
Web Design & Software Solutions For Enterprise

In MAKS-IT we have an experience in the software architect, projecting, and large-scale enterprise level websites and software maintenance.

Enterprise Environments Challenges

Enterprise environment is a particular challenge for every developer. Many software agencies are going well with small and medium business, but start to trouble with larger clients because are not familiar with enterprise reality. At MAKS-IT we have custom enterprise level development services, from intranet special tools to extranet.

Why Enterprise Settings Are Unique?

Huge difference exists between SMBs and enterprise organizations. Just to name few of them, designers and software developers has to take into account a completely new set of requirements and conditions in such working reality. At MAKS-IT, we are familiar with following scenarios:

Enterprise Internal Technical Requirements: Corporate environments often have a stringent requirement when it comes to IT technology. This is in place to keep systems aligned, security checks, monitored and restricted access. We work closely with your internal IT team to understand all applied requirements, what kind of tools are allowed or restricted, and work to develop a custom scenario in particular infrastructural context to meet enterprise standards and achieve your objectives.

Corporate Branding: Corporate clients have strict branding guidelines. We know what should be asked, and how recommendations should be interpreted and can help your team or business unit to have clears what is restricted and what is allowed.

Large Teams And Business Units: There is the gap between startups or small business and enterprise when it comes to organization. For outside agency is essential in any project to respect all involved parties, simplify communications between business units and manage scenarios, if required, when multiple groups can claim success from an initiative. We spend enough time during strategic phases and discovery to design what success looks like, establish common objectives and goals, develop a winning plan to accomplish all these goals.

Organizational Approvals and Sign-offs: Enterprise setup have many approvals layers and sign-off. We have an experience and know how it works, and we put ourselves on the side of our client-side colleagues to guaranty that top-quality deliverables are produced, you have everything you need to present and reach certain approval level. We consider a job is well done if our project owners are starting to have success!

Regulation: Enterprise is subject of myriad of regulations, audit and policies to which it must to compile. We know what to look out for, how to be in compliance, whether it be PCI compliance for e-commerce, CCPA or GDPR, HIPAA for healthcare, ADA.

Ongoing Maintenance: Projects continue to live after deployment and new requests are always arising. At MAKS-IT we are ready to assist with last-minute change requests, and our SLA (Service Level Agreement) options allows flexibility and support without budget breaking.


When you choose MAKS-IT, as your trusted partner, you have the benefit of knowing that behind of every decision or suggestion, we have deep knowledge gained thought years of experience. Differently from other more bigger agencies, you will have in front a small, but always available and skilled team that will work with you during a whole project lifecycle to ensure you get all services and attention you need.

Reliable, Agile And Swift

Our strength is to be agile, "it's possible to do" is our attitude in a relationship with a customer. We are not a huge dinosaur custom software development and consulting company, but however a nimble and agile team, able to work quickly to fit in strict deadlines and delivery quality product.

We become your go-to resource for our corporate, and enterprise customers thought our relationship. This stands for that you can trust in us and count in mostly all questions like: development design, maintenance, content creation, administration and so on. We are here for you until your need timely actions and replies without problems.

This Is Not Only About Development - Support Too

Have an adaptive and responsive partner, which aways respond to your needs at every time, this is the reason to be MAKS-IT client. You can be sure that we will get back to you in minutes. In case you need 24/7/365 support, we are always here to keep your ship sail smoothly.

In What Kind of Software Development Progects Do You Specialize In?

Thanks to asking us!

We are specialized in digital production. This way, clients will hire us for every urgent project with a quick timeline and an ample amount of stress. This is familiar environment to us. It's all about urgent questions, software and website renovations, compliance audits, remediation or any kind of other urgent issue that needs fast and timely assistance.


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