Web Design & Software Solutions For Startups

  • hailstrike
  • 20-07-2020 00:00
Web Design & Software Solutions For Startups

MAKS-IT will become your trusted partner in your startup challenge. We know what it takes to conceive, develop, and launch your startup concept.

Proof of Concept

In majority of cases just a little starting point is what you need to prove your startup concept to investors. We are here to help you right now. We architect and develop your original project idea - or minimum viable product considering future plans. This will allow you simply, quickly and affordably start on the market.

Strategy And Architecture

We can help you to create the design and startup identity, additionally we can give a hand with digital marketing on social media platforms. Our team understands your goals, challenges and requirements to make your dream a reality.

Continuous Improvement

Startup is always under development as it grows and this process never ends. We are ready to follow you during whole startup project lifecycle to improve it, offering new design, development and consulting to ensure its bloom.

Excellent Support

Being MAKS-IT client stands to have and adaptive and responsive partner, which will always respond to each your need. You can be sure that our team will contact you in few minutes. And for who need 24/7/365 support, we are always here to keep your ship sail smoothly.


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